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Here at Decatur County REMC, you can count on friendly faces, top-notch service, and the highest level of integrity.


"To provide, reliable, affordable, friendly service to our members and community." -- That's the heartbeat of Decatur County REMC.

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Founded in 1938, Decatur County REMC is proudly located in Greensburg, Indiana, and it is a member-owned electric cooperative. It serves members in Bartholomew, Decatur, Franklin, Jennings, Ripley, and Rush counties.

Our co-op is responsible for 1,060 miles of line and 7,800+ meters. Here at REMC, you are the owners of our cooperative. Collectively, you are our boss and our employer. But you're more than that! There aren't too many communities that have preserved that "small-town feel" the way that ours has. We love that and it truly plays out in every facet of our co-op. AT DCREMC, we aren't just your local energy providers; we're your friends, your neighbors, and your family. And together, arm-in-arm with our members, we are powering a brighter future for our communities!

Our Leaders


We leverage the power and resources of state and national associations to bring the best possible quality and service to each of our members. To learn more about one of these associations, just click a link below!

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