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Exciting things to come in 2021

While things are still COVID-crazy, I am excited about what 2021 has in store. We have learned that we are adaptable, resilient, and can provide excellent service in any situation, including a pandemic, so we are prepped and ready for great things this year.

We continue to dive in to our strategic planning process and will be calling on the engagement of community leaders, first responders, and, of course, our members to help determine the future direction of our cooperative. There are exciting things happening within the industry that will shape how we operate in the future.

With Hoosier Energy (our power supplier) changing its approach to generation and transmission, purchasing more power on the open market at more competitive prices, we are going to experience changes to our costs.

Beginning this month, you will notice the Power Cost Adjustment on your bill will be a negative (-) amount. This results in a credit back to you as DCREMC passes on savings that we are generating from Hoosier Energy. Ultimately, the cost of energy we are purchasing from Hoosier Energy is lower than predicted.

I look forward to engaging with you through our many communication platforms including Indiana Connection magazine, Facebook page, virtual town hall meetings, Breakfast with Brett events, and as always, face to face in our office!

2021 — Here we come!

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