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Annual Election Information
How to run for
Board of Director                   Nominating Committee 
petition Form                                Petition Form


Our corporate bylaws outline important elements of DCREMC, such as eligibility requirements, membership details, termination, meeting information, and other governance items.

Download BYLAWS

Rules + Regs

In order to receive power, DCREMC requires its members to follow rules and regulations.  The document linked below outlines information on meters, billing, electric coverage, and other information that you'll want to be aware of as a member.

Download RULES + REGS

Meet The Board

Suzanne Parmer.JPG

District 1:

Suzanne Parmer

(812) 216-8391

Carl Riedeman.JPG

District 2:

Carl Riedeman

(812) 593-0223

Jeff Lawrence- Dist. 3.jpg

District 3:

Jeff Lawrence

(812) 614-6987

Steve AmRhein- Dist. 4.jpg

District 4:

Steve AmRhein

(812) 614-1057

Brian Scheidler.JPG

District 5:

Brian Scheidler

(812) 593-1747

Dale Wernke.JPG

District 6:

Dale Wernke

(812) 343-9274


District 7:

Jason Barnhorst

(812) 614-2096

Clay Nuhring.jpg

District 8:

Clay Nuhring

(812) 212-1462

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