2019 - 2020 price:

  $1.699/gallon Leased
  $1.649/gallon Owned



Hometown Energy LLC - metered propane

Offered to you by Decatur County REMC and Premier Energy

  • Guaranteed, set price all heating season

  • Pay only for what you use each month

  • Convenient “keep full” system

  • Billed together with your electric

Customers participating in the program have their LP gas usage metered and read around the same date each month. LP gas and electric energy consumption
is then summarized on one statement. The LP gas usage is monitored and the tank filled as needed.

Hometown Energy customers also benefit by taking advantage of guaranteed LP
gas pricing for the entire heating season with payment due each month, only after the
fuel has been used.

Switching is Easy!
The program is available to everyone in the community. Hometown Energy will also schedule individual meetings, as needed, to determine how best to meet consumer needs. Contact our office at 812 663-3391 or e-mail us at
memberservices@dcremc.com to inquire and apply.

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  Contact Us:

Phone: (812) 663-3391 or
(812) 663-8572

P.O. Box 46
1430 W. Main St.
Greensburg, IN 47240






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