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Decatur County REMC is offering a Peak Reduction Program to promote energy efficiency and reduce peak demand during the peak usage months of June – August and December – February.

Peak demand refers to periods of exceptionally high demand, during the summer and
winter when people use more electricity, largely due to heating and cooling. Using energy wisely during periods of peak demand, reduces stress on the electric grid and makes the electric delivery system more reliable.

By participating in this important program, you are helping to reduce stress on the electric grid when demand is at its highest. In exchange for your participation, you will receive a bill credit during peak months of the year. The program provides you and your family the unique opportunity to save money and promote energy efficiency and reliability for all Decatur County REMC members.

Decatur County REMC’s Peak Reduction Program rewards members for reducing energy use during critical hours on peak alert days during the summer and winter. Members who effectively reduce power use during peak hours are paid for their efforts.

During the peak months (June-August and December-February) DCREMC will declare peak alerts when electricity use is expected to reach critical levels. These alerts will be sent out by text and email asking you to reduce the amount of electricity you use during a specific two to three hour period that day or the following day. Peak alerts will not be issued for Saturdays, Sundays, or on holidays. For every kilowatt (kW) reduced during the actual, one peak hour for the month, we will credit your bill $10.


The best way to lower your peak is to adjust your home’s thermostat up three degrees or more, and delay running large electric appliances like clothes dryers, dishwashers and ovens. Changing how you prepare meals can have a big impact.

To see exactly how changes in your lifestyle affect your electric usage, sign up for SmartHub

Our online account portal shows monthly, daily and even hourly use. That way you can see for yourself the effect of turning off appliances! DCREMC’s SmartHub data is updated once every 24 hours.

Program benefits:

  1. Earn bill credits for reducing the amount of electricity used during peak alerts

  2. Reduce monthly electric bill by adjusting time of use and conserving energy

  3. Lower the cooperative’s peak which may reduce the need for additional power generation plants and electric delivery infrastructure such as electric transmission and distribution lines, helping to keep electric rates low in the future





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